To create an maximalist table setting, the key lies in the art of layering.


1. Begin by choosing your foundation, whether it’s the natural tabletop or a themed tablecloth to set the ambiance for your celebration.

2. Next, consider the use of placemats. Placemats serve as excellent dividers on the table, especially if a tablecloth isn’t in play; in that case, we highly recommend using placemats. You can pick something fun with ruffles, or a more classic mat.

3. Then, we focus on our centerpiece. Options abound, from a floral arrangement to thematic or seasonal decorations, for example using pumpkins in autumn, or lemons in the summer.

4. Illuminate your setting with an abundance of candles! Candle stands and tea lights work wonders in adding visual interest, especially when the centre pieces may lack the necessary height.

5. Move on to layering your tableware. Delve into the world of glassware options— consider having distinct ones for water and other beverages. When it comes to cutlery, decide between the timelessness of stainless steel or the warm touch of wooden handles. And of course, don't overlook the plates. Each element contributes significantly to your table's aesthetic, so choose wisely! Our personal favorites? Gold-rimmed dishes and golden cutlery!

6. Lastly, don’t forget to select your napkins - a quintessential addition! Napkins can be styled in numerous ways; bows, simple folds or with a napkin ring - this too adds character to your table so don't skip over this. We are currently obsessed with our new scallop edge napkins that are made from organic, lightweight cotton.

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