In recent years, tablescaping has surged in popularity. With the right arsenal of key elements, tablescaping is something that can and should be easily attainable by anyone. Here are Anika Pannu, Founder of Raahi Living's top tips for creating the most dreamy spring tablescapes.


1. Play With Patterns

Ditch the overly coordinated look and instead, have fun mixing various patterns with your table linens. Personally, I enjoy selecting a single coordinating colour as a base and building upon it. Trust me, once you incorporate your plates, glassware, and cutlery, the combination will feel harmonious rather than overwhelming.


2. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

Those familiar with me recognize my fondness for flowers. To me, a tablescape without blooms seems incomplete. Rather than a large, formal arrangement, I prefer small bud vases that encourage conversation across the table. Consider repurposing old jam jars with ribbons to give them a second life.


3. Lighting

The ambiance is greatly influenced by lighting, particularly as dusk approaches. Consider incorporating soft lighting through options like outdoor string lights, indoor dimmers, and candles. Candles, in particular, serve a dual purpose as both lighting and decor. I personally have a diverse collection of candles, ranging from glossy twisted designs to dip-dyed styles, ensuring they complement my chosen colour scheme. Additionally, candle holders contribute an extra layer of visual interest; possessing a few gold candle holders is a versatile starting point. Lastly, mixing tall candles with tea lights adds depth and varying heights to the arrangement.


4. Seasonal Whimsy

Incorporate seasonal decor elements such as Easter eggs, bunny figurines, and a traditional Ostereierbaum (German Easter tree) to infuse charm and whimsy into your table arrangement. Springtime, perhaps my favorite season for tablescaping, offers an array of symbolic and delightful items to integrate. Embrace the creativity and enjoy the process!


5. Make It Cosy

Make sure your guests are comfortable by adding cushions to chairs or benches, providing cosy throws for cooler evenings outdoors, and offering plenty of space for relaxed dining and conversation. 


But the main ingredient for any tablescape is to have lovely friends and laughter gathered around that table! Enjoy!


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