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the raahi story


Raahi Living was born out of a trip to India in 2020, by creator Anika Pannu. What started as a deep love for her rich heritage and Indian design, led to a creative-driven business plan, which developed into an ethically sourced web-shop, serving customers who share a love for patterns, prints and colors.

Our drive for fair trade and positive change in the fashion and textile industry is allowing us to grow into a slow fashion and lifestyle brand that is not season or trend focussed. Our collection is timeless, celebrating the ancient Indian art of hand block printing - a technique that's over 500 years old, used to print patterns on fabric using hand-carved wooden blocks. This process requires 100% human touch and precision by the craftsman, and the beauty lies in the small imperfections of this craft, making each piece so unique. 

We work with local artisans in small family-run, or independent block printing houses in Jaipur. There is a common misconception that 'made in India' means made unethically, and cheaply. We are breaking this stereotype and illuminating the beauty of Indian handmade craftsmanship and heritage. All of our partners are paid fair wages, and work in healthy environments. 

We strive to inspire the global community to practice conscious consumerism, purchasing pieces that serve multiple purposes, and wearing products that are made of natural fibers that can be passed down instead of being thrown away. Each of Raahi's pieces tell a story of travel, wonder and worldly inspiration, and we are so excited to share them with you. 

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